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Look the patient in the eye. Empathize, but be honest. Speak clearly.

These are some of the most of the most basic tenets of good bedside manner, and Dr. Mehmet Oz possesses them all. Except in this case, he’s looking squarely into the camera as he delivers the good news first.

“Here’s my thought,” Oz says of CBD. “It could work. I’m hearing from too many of you right now that are getting benefits.”

And then there’s the bad news. The industry is young. It is, at this point, mostly unregulated.

Oz and his team have found that a certain number of the products currently on the market do not possess the amount of CBD that they claim. Others possess more psychoactive THC than they are supposed to. One product Oz’s team investigated actually contained a strain of dangerous E.coli.

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Over two decades ago, Morinda introduced the world to te benefits of Tahitian Noni. But that was only the beginning.

As the CBD gold rush continues at full pace, more and more people join the fray. They may not all have any particular commitment to natural wellness or a background in it of any kind.

That would not describe Morinda; the Utah-based company was founded to share the health benefits of a plant found in nature, but we’re not talking about CBD (yet).

Rather, the plant is Tahitian Noni, a Plynesian fruit that’s been used for centuries to enhance well-being, boost immunity and protect the body from free radicals.

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