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In the early 1990s, Morinda’s founders stumbled up an exotic island fruit that would help breathe life into what is now a fully fledge industry (superfoods).

Tahitian Noni had been used for centuries by Polynesians to enhance health and well-being.

Once introduced to the consumer market in 1996, noni took the world by storm, which inspired Morinda to invest years of time and finances to discover new and effective uses of the both the noni fruit and noni seed.

Today Morinda offers and extensive collection of noni products including juices, oils, supplements and skin care designed to improve health, boost immunity and increase energy.

Several years ago, Morinda scientists began to study the striking similaraties between Tahitian Noni, their muse of more than two decades, and cannabidiol (CBD).

Both naturals could enhace health, both could directly impact the endocannabinoid system and both had numerous effective applications. But this interest was taking shape in a hazy regulatory environment and Morinda scientists were hesitant to pursue product development.

Enhanced CBD Morinda is Best CBD Oil for Pain

“There was reticence,” says Adam Olsen, the director of marketing and communications for Morinda. “The climate around CBD was so unknown at the time.”

In 2018, following the passage of the new Farm Bill, everything change. Not only did the Farm Bill legalize industrial hemp as a crop, Morinda gained the resources and momentum to pursue CBD as a viable product through its merger with New Age Beverage Company (New Age).


The New Age Health Scinces division had also been studying potential applications for CBD and was ready to share what they’d discovered and partner with Morinda to create something new.


Together, the newly merged scientific teams developed Morinda’s ‘NHANCED CBD collection, featuring three CBD-infused products: a CBD oil, body cream and rool-on gel. But creating a product in a lab is one thing, producing it for customers around the world is a far larger task.

Enhanced CBD Morinda is Best CBD Oil for Pain

Luckily, Morinda had already been down this path before and had established some best production practices in its years of distributing noni products. The team knew just what to do.

“We went in search of the best CBD we could find,” says Senior Product Line Manager Laura Kimball. “We knew we wanted farm-grown, minimally processed, responsibly farmed hemp so we could ensure its purity.”

Currently, Morinda’s hemp is sourced from farms in Oregon. “With our Tahitian Noni, we contract our harvesters; we know who picks the fruit; we control the process. Our CBD process is similar,” Olsen says.

“We’ve inspected the farms; we know where it’s coming from. We’re proud of our sources and the robust certificates of analysis we have from every product we’ve produced. The thing about the CBD landscape is that there’s no shortage of players right now. But we feel that we’re doing the very best for our customers and have a product we can be proud of.”


With the launch of the ‘NHANCED CBD line, Morinda is just getting started when it comes to CBD. The company operates in 60 countries throughout the world, so some Morinda products in the pipeline will be available abroad before they are released in the U.S.

The most exciting prospect is the pairing of CBD with Tahitian Noni. “Like noni, CBD influences the function of the endocannabinoid system,” says Brett West, Morinda’s senior director of product research.

“In our bodies we have cannabinoid receptors: the two primary receptors are CB1 and CB2. We’ve found that noni does a better job impacting one of those receptors and CBD does a better job impacting the other. The two working together can have a profound impact on the body.”

Tahitian Noni + CBD will be a CBD-infused noni shot developed for Morinda’s Japanese market that is expected to deliver stronger benefits than a topical application.

Another CBD-infused beverage soon to be available from the broader New Age product portfolio is Marley Mellow Mood, a CBD-infused flavored tea that will contain 25 mg of CBD per serving. Both products will launch first in Japan with wider distribution to follow as various government regulations allow.

Enhanced CBD Morinda is Best CBD Oil for Pain

“We’re excited about the synergistic effect of the combination of noni and CBD,” Kimball says.  “It’s and exciting arena, because the CBD world is just opening up. When we first started studying CBD years ago, we could see the tremendous benefits and perfect tie-in to our product line. It’s a natural way of helping people and that’s what we’re most interested in: bringing healthy products to the world.”


For those looking for the most intense benefit of CBD to the skin, Morinda recommends ‘NHANCED CBD OIL, a tincture containing 500 mg of full-spectrum CBD.

Mixed with an MCT (medium chain triglyceride) carrier and natural mixed berry scent, the oil is applied via dropper, delivering a targeted dose of CBD.


This body cream combines 150 mg of full-spectrum CBD with aloe vera, shea butter, vitamin E and essential oils and can be applied all over the body.


Moisturizing and nourishing, the body cream serves as a soothing, skin calming emollient for everyday use.


A roll-on application containing 200 mg of full-spectrum CBD, carrier oils and essential  oils, the gel is ideal for soothing sore muscle and joints.

This simple formula improves hydration to the skin as well

Do you need best CBD oil for pain? Enhanced CBD Morinda can be the answer.


*Written by Jenny Vetter, a freelance writer based in Southern California

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